Shrimp Salad with Tropical Mango Honey & Grain Mustard Dressing

4 Portions

12oz Cooked Shrimp (26/30 size). Set 4 whole shrimp aside.
6oz Chopped English Cucumber
6oz Chopped Mango
1 each Granny Smith Apple
1 Bottle Salter's Chesapeake Gourmet Mango Honey & Grain Mustard Dressing
1 Bunch Whole Chives

Method of Preparation
1. Take the shrimp and remove the tall shell and discard. Cut the shrimp in half from head to tail. Set 4 shrimp aside to use for garnish.
2. Cut the English Cucumber into small cubes.
3. Peel the Mango and the Granny Smith Apple and also cut into similar size cubes.
4. Combine the shrimp, the English Cucumber, the Mango and the Apple, then fold in the Mango Honey & Grain Mustard Dressing.
5. Spoon into a glass, decorate each salad with one whole shrimp and three slivers of apple.
6. Garnish with two chive sticks.

Note: The shrimp may be substituted with fresh lobster and once the salad is completed, a spoonful of the dressing can be drizzled over the top.